About Anneliese of London

Anneliese of London was founded by the born and raised ‘London girl’ Anneliese Gerrard, who has always loved styling and designing. Anneliese came to a realization that she was wearing shirts on so many different occasions, but struggled to find her ‘more detailed’ and ‘unique’ style of shirt, on a luxury level. So it was time to start a clothing line of her own, and Anneliese of London was born.

Anneliese wanted to bring a luxury shirt brand to the market, with a focus on making shirts more appealing to a slightly wider audience, for younger individuals as well as for the older woman. By mixing classic silk with contemporary fabrics and designs, we aimed to make silk look more modern, while maintaining the classic nature of a silk shirt.

Why Shirts?

We love how versatile a shirt can be – whether dressed up or down, they can be worn on so many different occasions. A loosely fit shaped shirt is super flattering for all sorts of body types, while being oh so comfortable. A beautifully curated silk shirt will always provide a distinctive, smart and highly presented look. We came to the conclusion that shirts are definitely our ultimate wardrobe staple.

About our Shirts – The Collection

Our shirts are crafted from 100% silk crepe de chine – luxurious, soft and lightweight. Some pieces are combined with unique modern fabrics and trims to make our designs unique to Anneliese of London.

Our first collection is aimed at producing shirts that can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. Our pieces are cut from a slightly loose ‘oversized’ fit, forming a flattering silhouette and an elegant drape. With specific attention to detail on the shoulders, our pieces hang perfectly. Shirt lengths were also altered between pieces – from our classic flowing shirt to a more cropped ‘boxy’ type shape. To add to the versatility of our shirts, we aimed to provide for different coloured skin tones, by adding a mixture of coloured silks across the collection.

We also designed our shirts for a variety of styles and looks, focusing on eveningwear, daywear and office attire, shirts that can be worn day and night. Some come with a more classic ‘sophisticated’ look, simple and long sleeved, forming your versatile wardrobe statement. Others have a ‘younger’ appeal by adding a cut-out shoulder for the more sexy look, as well as combining silk with detailed fabrics and trims to add some ‘edge’.

Anneliese of London aims to continuously develop new styles and collections for all you shirt lovers!


Team Anneliese X